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How many driving tests are taken each year?

Male tests conducted

Female tests conducted


Pass rate

TOP 5 Reasons for failing the driving test in Great Britain

Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/top-10-reasons-for-failing-the-driving-test/top-10-reasons-for-failing-the-driving-test-in-great-britain

Not making effective observations at junctions

You must:

  • make effective observations before moving into a new road
  • make sure it is safe before proceeding

Not using mirrors correctly when changing direction

You must:

  • make full and effective use of all the mirrors
  • check the mirrors carefully before signalling, changing direction or changing speed
  • use the ‘mirror – signal – manoeuvre’ routine effectively

 Not having proper control of the steering

You must be able to steer the car as smoothly as possible. You must steer at the appropriate time, as steering too early or late can cause the car to hit the kerb or swing out towards another road user.

Incorrect positioning when turning right at junctions

You must be able to position the car as close to the centre of the road as is safe.

 Not moving off safely

You must be able to move off safely while making the correct observations:

  • from the side of the road
  • on a slope or hill (gradient)
  • from behind a parked vehicle, so you have to move off at an angle

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