How Long Does It Take To Learn Driving Theory?

As you’re probably aware, you’ll need to pass the theory and hazard perception test before you can proceed to book your practical test.

Unfortunately, many students stress over this part, which can take away from the excitement of learning how to drive.

With that being said, there are ways to help you prepare, so you don’t end up “hitting the brakes” on your progress to motorway freedom.

So keep reading as we cover how long it usually takes to learn driving theory and everything else you need to know about this test.

Breaking Down The Test

There will be two main sections when you take the test. They include:

  • A multiple-choice section
  • A hazard perception test

Multiple Choice

This section includes a variety of questions that assess your highway code knowledge. You can expect 50 questions that ask you to identify road signs and much more. In order to pass this section, you’ll need to get a minimum of 43 correct.

If you fail this and have to retake the theory test, not all the questions will be the same. So, you’ll still need to thoroughly go over everything that may come up.

Hazard Perception Test

Next, we have the hazard perception test. The aim of this section is to test your reaction to possible hazards you’ll encounter when you’re driving in the real world. There will be 14 randomly selected video clips shown during this.

Your score will entirely depend on how quickly you respond to the hazards presented in the clips. This is done by simply clicking your mouse button when you spot one.

The maximum amount of points you can get for this part is 75, and you need to score a minimum of 44 to pass the section. If you identify and click when the hazard is first noticeable, you’ll receive 5 points, but fewer points will be rewarded if you click on the hazard after it’s been present for some time.

There is also a built-in feature in the hazard perception test that prevents you from cheating; you can’t just click randomly and often with the hopes of your clicks aligning with hazards appearing. If the test realises you’re doing this, you will automatically fail, meaning that you’ll have to retake the test.

Is The Driving Theory Test Hard?

Overall, the test isn’t seen as too difficult. The questions in the multiple-choice section are straightforward and have not been made to trick you. Although you will need to revise so you have the knowledge to answer everything.

The hazard perception portion is similar; it’s not too hard. Once you’ve completed practice tests, hazards should be easily seen, which should prevent you from struggling when taking the real test (and driving around in the real world).

How Long Does The Test Last?

Both sections in the test have their own time limit. The multiple-choice questions must be answered within 57 minutes.

The hazard perception portion is a little different. Once it has started, the section will continue until all 14 one-minute clips have played – there isn’t the possibility of finishing it earlier.

Can I Pass The Theory Test Without Studying At All?

Now and again we run into individuals that think they can pass with flying colours without learning anything beforehand. 9 times out of 10 they end up failing the test, costing them more money as they have to retake it.

That’s why studying is a must. Even if you think you know everything, what’s the harm of testing your knowledge by taking a few mock tests?

How Many Hours Of Revision Should You Do For Your Theory Test?

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one answer to this question. Every individual learns at a different pace. Therefore, the number of hours you’ll need to study may be completely different compared with your friends.

However, the general consensus is that the theory test should be booked at least 1 month in advance, and you should spend roughly 12 to 24 hours revising.

There is a lot of information you’ll need to know before you’re ready to drive safely around UK streets, so if you’re wondering why the average revision hours seem high, that’s why.

Also, you shouldn’t think of this test as something you just need to pass. The material it covers will help you throughout your entire life when driving – and that’s exactly the point!

The Best Way To Revise For The Theory Test

A great way to learn is by studying with other people. Consider revising with others that are planning on taking their theory test as well or asking someone that’s already passed it to assist you.

The UK government provides you with a free mock test on its website. So after you’ve spent a few hours studying, you can put what you’ve learned to the test.

There is also a hazard perception mock test you can take. Keep in mind that the clips in the mock test won’t be the same when you take the real test, but they will give you an insight into what you can expect and help you practise.

Another great way to revise is by using the spare gaps in your daily schedule. For example, if you’re travelling somewhere, why not download a theory test app or head over to the government website on your phone?

Furthermore, if you’re someone that has a tough time studying, you can learn the subject matter firsthand. How’s that? Well, you can take driving lessons before booking your theory test.

By doing so, you can learn different aspects that are likely to come up on the test, and if you’re struggling with anything, your driving instructor should be able to clear up any confusion. However, this is down to personal preference; some students prefer to pass their theory test before taking lessons.

To Sum Up

Everyone is different and will learn at different speeds. However, as we’ve said, the rough average is between 12 to 24 hours of studying. So, we hope this answers the question: “How long does it take to learn driving theory”.

At the Metropolitan Driving School, we help you to prepare for your theory test during our driving lessons. We believe every moment on the road is a teachable one. Want to begin your journey to freedom today? Book online 24/7 or call us at 02087153231

Matthew, Metropolitan Driving School

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