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For some people, driving a manual car can be a more enjoyable and engaging experience. It offers a more active driving role and can create a stronger connection between the driver and the vehicle.


Manual driving lessons, also known as stick shift or manual transmission driving lessons, are still valuable and relevant for several reasons:


More control

 Driving a manual car gives the driver more control over the vehicle. With a manual transmission, the driver can choose the appropriate gear for different driving situations, such as uphill climbs, downhill descents, or overtaking other vehicles. This level of control can be advantageous in certain driving conditions.



In some parts of the world, manual cars are still prevalent, especially in less developed regions or certain countries where they are more affordable than automatic cars. If you learn to drive a manual car, you’ll be able to drive a wider range of vehicles and won’t be limited by automatic transmission availability.


Improved driving skills

Learning to drive a manual car can enhance your overall driving skills. It requires more coordination and finesse to operate a manual transmission smoothly, which can lead to better driving habits and attentiveness on the road.

Your road to freedom

It’s important to note that the popularity of manual cars has been declining over the years, with automatic transmission becoming the norm in many regions. However, for those interested in learning to drive a manual car, taking manual driving lessons can still be a valuable and enriching experience.


First lesson

On your very first driving lesson, you will learn about the basics of operating a car, such as how to properly adjust the mirrors, how to start the car, and how to use the hand and foot controls. Additionally, your instructor will discuss basic traffic signs and the proper way to use your mirrors. Also, you will learn how to move off and stop safely.


Turn left/right major to a minor road

Approaching junctions to turn left |Approaching junctions to turn right


Do you have any experience with junctions? What sort of junctions have you experienced? Are you familiar with the MSPSL routine?


At the end of the lesson learner driver should be able to turn left from a major to minor road safely.




MSPSL, Clutch control, Left junctions, Right junctions, Normal driving position


At the end of the lesson learner driver should be able to approach and emerge T-Junctions.


Cross Roads


MSPSL, T-Junctions, Turn right-major to a minor road, Cutting Corners


At the end of the lesson learner driver should be able to Identify, approach and deal with cross roads safely.


Pedestrian Crossings


Use of mirrors MSPSL, Anticipation, Planning, Inviting pedestrians to cross…


At the end of the lesson learner driver should be able to identify and deal with all types of pedestrian crossings.


Meeting Traffic


Adequate clearance, Less space less speed, Acceleration sense, Hold back position, Blind corners, Priority, Give way, Flashing headlights, Warning of presence.


At the end of the lesson learner driver should be able to anticipate and deal with meeting situations.



Identify Roundabouts?

Positioning | Signaling | Priority

Wrong Lane! Take any safe exit or go around if safe?

Dealing with Multi-Lane Roundabout | Follow road markings? Lane discipline




Bay Parking

Parallel parking

Pull up on the right

Emergency stop!


Road Types/Driving Conditions

Country Roads

Dual Carriageways


Driving Conditions

Driving in the dark

Weather conditions

Passenger and loads

Recent Passes

thank you boris ,best driving instructor. i passed today and i highly recommend metropolitan driving school. good luck everyone.


We had started with Ivana on the 10th of July for my test on the 26th, she was very helpful and ensuring and at the end of each lesson I was feeling more and more confident in my driving, to the point were I had no stress on the day of the test.


All I can say is that I got confident when I had my first lesson with my instructor
Thank you so much.

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Our instructors are patient, friendly, and experienced, so you can rest assured that you will receive the best driving education possible. Please let us know if you would like to discuss a package suited to your learning needs. We look forward to helping you become a safe and responsible driver!

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